Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Top 10 Impacts of Horror on (2010)

The Top 10 Impacts of Horror on (2010)

With the year slowly but surely coming to an end, I didn't really see an option but to at least review the year of 2010. I keep seeing a reoccurring theme of Top 10's (and I love top lists of any kind), so I jumped on in to the deep end. I decided that if I was going to do a top ten list, or more than one, my first one would be the top ten things that impacted the world of horror in 2010. So without further interruption I bring to you THE LIST!!!

#10 - (Refer to Top Banner :-)) This was really the year of the Horror Blogger, and not just because this was the year I became a horror blogger myself. I was introduced to so many wonderful blogs over the past year (maybe another list?) and the contributions they have made to the horror community have been outstanding! It has got to the point where if a director wants his movie to be seen and to be given some extra publicity he/she sends a screener to someone who runs a horror blog and they give their two thoughts on the subject and post it. The feedback has been amazing, even on my blog. So keep up the good work Bloggers!

#9 - Adam Green's Frozen - I know this movie is either you like it or you love it, but to me this movie brought back the good kind of fear in people. It brought back the fear where it just could quite possibly happen to you, and it might not have made my list, but if you turn on the news right now you will see that ski resort in Sugarloaf, Maine has been hit with a freak blizzard, causing a cable to snap on the ski lift, leaving over one hundred people stranded high above the ground, and after watching that, tell me that Frozen doesn't make you cringe even the slightest. Thank you Adam Green for making me scared again.

#8 - The Wolfman (remake) - This movie reminded everyone that if it isn't broke don't fix it. They could have an all-star Oscar winning cast and still destroy a movie. Yes, there are plenty of more movies that have been remade in the past year that also deserve to be on this list, but just because the original Wolfman happens to be one of my favorites, this is what makes the list! 2010 was definitely the year for remakes, and that also means 2011 will be the year for bad sequels, don't you agree?

#7 - Devil - Although I have yet to see Devil (hopefully this week), I have heard nothing but at least above par things about it. This reminds me that when M. Night writes something, and let's someone else direct it, then there could be more of a chance of it not sucking. I admit I am a fan of his early work, but recently he has made me want to cry. I look forward to more things written by him and directed by someone else.

#6 - Sharktopus - This wonderful gem of a movie taught us that when you run out of extremely bad cheesy ideas, recycle old ones, and combine them together. Thank you SyFy for reminding us that no matter how low you go on the movie pole, you will still continue to push out worthless garbage that I continue to watch and enjoy. Yes I realize the confusion of that statement, but I can't stop watching the SyFy channel. Don't be ridiculous!

#5 - Slices of Life - Once again another movie that I haven't seen yet, but hopefully soon. With that being said, I don't really need to see the movie to explain the impact it has already had on the horror community. In one bloody sweep, Anthony G. Sumner, has managed to blend together the main stream and independent horror communities with his film, Slices of Life. I have been reading up on this film constantly and the waves it is creating for Independent Horror are crashing through in to the light of the bigger picture. It is getting large scale attention and keeps packing in the great reviews. I cannot wait to see it, and the films that follow in its wake. I continue to find great Independent Horror films, and I hope to continue that trend as I move forward in to 2011.

#4 - Dead Rising 2 - This game most certainly goes on the list. It once again proves that there will always be so much room and so much love for horror in the video game community. We have always had horror in book and movie form, but video games have not been around as long as their brothers in entertainment. The Dead Rising series is just one of many recent horror video games to come out in the last year or two, but it most definitely earns the top spot with me. I mean how could it not? Zombies, Vegas, and hundreds of ways to slay the undead. I that is a reoccurring dream for me.

#3 - The Crazies (remake) - I know I hit on the bad side of remakes with The Wolfman, but it is only fair that I hit on the good side. The Crazies creeps its way into the top of my list thanks to bring life to the much less exciting original film. I'm not saying I don't like the original film, because I do, but I am saying that I thoroughly enjoy this remake, and I wanted to remind people that while I generally bash remakes on a daily basis, there are remakes that I do enjoy as much as the originals.

#2 - The Human Centipede - Thank you thoroughly Tom Six for grossing out an entire planet! Not only has this disgusting, disturbing, joke of a movie brought much unforeseen attention to the horror genre, but it has jump started a large number of extremely outrageous blood bath films that make the Saw series look like Thomas the Tank Engine getting a gear stuck. I'm not quite sure if I enjoy these horrendous movies or not, but it has undoubtedly had an impact on the horror genre.

#1 - The Walking Dead - Zombies on frickin cable TV people! This is such a huge step for all of the horror genre, and we should all continue to watch the series and support it until the very end. At least it isn't on NBC, or it could have been cancelled for next season!


the jaded viewer said...

I agree with ya. Walking Dead was surprisingly yummy this year.

I wanna see Slices of Life too...looks awesome.

Anonymous said...

All Great selections! Yippy for Horror in 2010 and beyond!

The Film Connoisseur said...

Thanks for putting me up to date on the new stuff in horror, Slices of Life looks interesting.

What about Antichrist and A Serbian Film, did they make any sort of impact on the horror community? Havent seen either one of them, but they tell me that they are both shocking.

Fred [The Wolf] said...

Great selections! Loved The Walking Dead. And The Crazies and Frozen rocked. Still haven't seen The Human Centipede. Not sure if I want to even. It's in my queue though. And while The Wolfman disappointed you, I was more disappointed by A Nightmare on Elm Street. Probably the biggest bomb for me in 2010 in terms of horror.

R.D. Penning said...

I did consider putting A Serbian Film on there in The Human Centipede section, but because it hasn't had as wide of a release, I just couldn't do it. Although it does seem to be rattling some cages in the film world. I still have yet to be able to see it.

Jonny Metro said...


Wanted to drop by and let you know that I chose this post as one of merit for December 2010. It's been included in the (belated) third issue of Spatter Analysis.

Check it out.