Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Christmas Scream! (short) film review

Directed, Written, Produced, and Edited by Chris Jay (a.k.a. Captain Quality Bloodshed as I like to call him)

I was recently approached the the always lovely Kitsie Duncan to give this short film of theirs a look, and I must say I was excited to view something new as always. Turns out it wasn't really that new at all, and in a good way. It is always nice to see a horror version of anything I love, and this time I got to feed my urge to see a horror take on A Christmas Story.

A Christmas Scream (2010)*like pretty much last weekend and edited together in a hurry.

Holly (Scrooge) is played by Kitsie, and right off the bat I could really feel the Bahumbugness about her. I don't see how she can be so snappy to individual as intimidating as the deranged Arthur Cullipher (Director of Come from "Psycho Street"). She is then visited by the unique types of ghosts, but I won't say much about them, other than they are the badass awesome guy Jared Degado (of Muscle Wolf Productions), Marv Blauvelt (Sculpture, Slices of Life, and Psycho Street), and David Gilkey (Sculpture, and the second most hilarious character in Hypochondriac!).

Although his credits don't say enough, Chris Jay is an insanely talented Filmmaker, and A Christmas Scream is just another notch in his bedpost. Just the fact that he was able to organize those hooligans and put together such a great short film in such a short time is an amazing accomplishment of its own. I'm going to post the video on here for everyone to see, and please do contact everyone involved to let them know the awesome job they have done. The film is spot on with all the necessities a short film needs: A strong story brought to climax in a short time, great special effects/make up (for a horror-ish movie), spot on acting by everyone involved, and a great director at the helm. I look forward to seeing more films from this wonderful group of people, and I look forward to seeing a few of them in my upcoming short Crestfallen soon! I know I not just putting words in their mouth when I say the members of DarkRider Studios, Muscle Wolf Productions, A Christmas Scream and Independent Horror wish you a Merry Frickin Christmas!!!


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