Friday, December 31, 2010

My most Anticipated and Dreaded Horror movies of 2011!

My most Anticipated and Dreaded Horror movies of 2011!

I figured with the list for my favorite movies of 2010, I might as well list the ones I am looking forward to, and don't want to see of 2011. There is no specific number of the list, and it obviously doesn't include all the movies I want to see or not see, but there is a good start.

The Movies I am most looking forward to:


Apollo 18

A Serbian Film


Rec (Genesis)

The Collector 2 & The Collection (#3)

The Evil Dead IV (only if Sam Raimi/Bruce Campbell do it)


Don't Look in the Basement! (Directed by Alan Rowe Kelley and Anthony G Sumner)

Child's Play (remake)

The Host 2

ZMDs: Zombies of Mass Destruction (off the comic, not the garbage that came out last year)

Super 8

Invasion of the Not Quite Dead

The Sadist (Directed by Jeremiah Kipp/ starring Tom Savini)

and Zombieland 2

and that was just to name a few!

Now here are the ones I am not looking forward to seeing but will probably see anyway:

The Blob (Remake)

Cell (TV) (One of the most gory Stephen King novels turned in to a TV movie!)

Under the Dome (Yes I pretty much don't want to see any Stephen King adaptions, they scare me)

They Live (Why remake perfection?)

Halloween III (First two sucked, why make a third?)

Videodrome (Who on earth thought it would be a good idea to remake this?)


Scream 4 (Not that it doesn't peak my interest a little but not too excited)

The Thing (One again, the perfection thing?"

Fright Night (yes I get it I don't like remakes very much)

Baby Zombies (Now that is just cruel)

I hope you all enjoyed my list! Now have a Happy New Years! Get crazy!

I leave you with some posters from my most anticipated movies! and yes I am aware that some of them are fake.


iZombie said...

some bile came up in my mouth, and it tastes like awful sequels and remakes...

what is wrong with people [hol-e-wood, would make crap], so many talented people out there and remakes is all they can come with...

i want some more 70's early 80's television shows to appear like:
BJ and the Bear.

Carl Manes said...

Dude are they STILL talking about making CASTLEVANIA?! I hope to god that shit ass Paul Anderson is off of the project!

R.D. Penning said...

@Carl - James Wan is listed as the director for Castlevania.