Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mortal Kombat Legacy Ep 4 & 5 - quick review

Mortal Kombat Legacy Ep 4 & 5 - quick review

Just wanted to make a quick note that both these episodes were the worst so far. They covered a back story for Kitana and Mileena. Half of the were done in anime style animation, and they were boring. No acting was required. No plot points were really given other than the two of them being clones of each other and some cool fighting in episode 5. So I leave you with some screen shots.

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Chris Regan said...

I agree - a real disappointment. The previous episodes all seemed to bring something new to the characters, but these ones are everything we've seen before. Plus the 10 minute format was working really well so I've no idea why this story couldn't be told in 1 part.