Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Seven- guest movie review for Flaming Sneakers

Seven (1995) Dir. by David Fincher

I was aproached by a fellow blogger of mine over at Flaming Sneakers about doing a guest review for his top 30 horror movies of all time. I couldn't pass up the opportunity, and if anyone else would like to join the fun, they should head over to http://flamingsneakers.blogspot.com/ and see what movies are left for a guest spot on his top 30. It didn't take long after going down the list to pick out the movie I wanted to do. Seven holds sentimental value to me as a movie watcher. It was my first ever DVD, and suprisingly I have never lost it or had to buy a new one. So here I go with the review.

I don't care what everyone says, Seven is hands down my favorite David Fincher movie so far. I don't think it was necessarily intended to be a horror, but it has always given me chills. The plot as described over at IMDB goes as follows: This thriller portrays the exploits of a deranged serial-killer. His twisted agenda involves choosing seven victims who represent egregious examples of transgressions of each of the Seven Deadly Sins. He then views himself as akin to the Sword of God, handing out horrific punishment to these sinners. Two cops, an experienced veteran of the streets who is about to retire and the ambitious young homicide detective hired to replace him, team up to capture the perpetrator of these gruesome killings. Unfortunately, they too become ensnared in his diabolical plan.... Written by http://www.imdb.com/search/writers?realm=title&field=plot&q=Tad%20Dibbern%20%7BDIBBERN_D@a1.mscf.upenn.edu%7D

This movie draws you in from the very start by thoroughly diving into each character. You feel for them from the very beginning, as they seem like normal people. Fincher gives you what you want and keeps it coming. He doesn't take much time before going right into the seven deadly sins. Each death seems to be more disgusting and creative than the next. How you view this movie could technically depend on your level of faith. Everyone knows what he is doing is wrong, but he is killing people who have sinned. This adds to the horror, especially for someone of deep faith. You will never sin again after watching this movie, haha. Tension grinds on your brain as you count down the sins. You know the next one is coming, and you can't help buy wonder which one he will do next. I felt the hair stand on my arms, and I got the sick feeling in my stomach. Keep in mind, I have seen this movie multiple times, and it still does it to me. To me it would seem this movie is a major inspiration for the Saw series. The creativity, theme, and gore definitely matches.

Andrew Kevin Walker delivered a script that was as close to flawless as one can get, and it was perfectly brought to life by Fincher. The acting, specifically by Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman, was much better than I had anticipated. It's good to know that fifteen years after first seeing it, the film still holds its weight among the greats. The theme is so dark, and the film is shot just as dark. The scenes inside play out in dimly lit rooms, and dark damp areas filled with black and red colors. The scenes outside draw from depressing weather, and depressed extras. The veteran/rookie cop cliche got a bit old a couple of times, but I was surprised at how much they keep it hidden below the important aspects of the film. The side stories, or subplots, never seem to take away from the main case. Once the pace is set, it just doesn't let up, all the way to the riveting and shocking ending. This movie gets:

Entertainment Value: 9/10 Unmarked Packages

Cinematic Value: 9/10 Unmarked Packages

I'm really happy Seven made it into R.K.'s Top 30 Horror movies, and I am equally as happy that he chose me to do a review for him. If you haven't seen this movie, go buy it now, not rent, BUY!

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