Sunday, March 21, 2010


I just spent a total of $40 on DVDs at a Movie Gallery in my hometown, because it was closing, and had to get rid of their movies! Here is what I got:

Behind The Mask
Dance of the Dead- Not Tobe Hooper's
The Hitcher- original
The Signal
Night of the Dead
The Devil's Highway
The Tomb
Zombie Nation
The Morgue
Wind Chill
A Perfect Getaway
Killer Movie
Lars and the Real Girl
Prom Night- the crappy remake my wife likes

ok, so the last four were for my wife, but that just makes me a good husband. I'm always willing to buy horror movies my wife likes. There are so few of them to choose from! Deal- is a poker movie, but I do like it. I have never seen Lars and the Real Girl, but my wife has always wanted to see it. I think I got away with some good ones, especially for $40! Since there are so many video places going out of business in Iowa, I am definitely going to keep my eyes open. If I get a few doubles, I might even have a few DVD contests on here! Wish me luck!!!


Pat Tillett said...

wow...that's a great deal.
Sounds like a mega movie marathon is in your future!

Carl (ILHM) said...

Excellent choices minus THE PERFECT GETAWAY, looking forward to your review of SPIRAL, still havent bought it yet!