Friday, April 15, 2011

A History of the Great Zombie War: The Simpson Experience - Book Plug

A History of the Great Zombie War: The Simpson Experience

It is not very often where I talk about horror books, but I wanted to give this one a little shout-out! My friend, Keith Bryan, helped cowrite this brilliant post-apocalyptic zombie book. Much like World War Z before it, this book brings multiple views to the same catastrophy.

Here is the description given on Amazon:

Product Description

There was little warning. It was upon us. Living death. This collection of historical documents includes excerpts from diaries, audio recordings, official reports, and chatrooms, as well as photographs, maps, propaganda posters, and even a fornication license. Together they illustrate stories of sacrifice, heroism, and craven cowardice among the population of Simpson College in Indianola, Iowa. These are people from all walks of life, all ages, all colors and creeds, united in one goal: survive the zombie apocalypse. This is our memorial to the fallen.

About the Author

Nicolas Proctor is a history professor at Simpson College. A leading authority on the Great Zombie War in the Midwest, he is currently attached to the documentation program managed by the Department of Recovery. He also teaches American History.

Here is the link where you can purchase the book. You know you want to!!!

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