Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Alien Apocalypse (2005)

Alien Apocalypse (2005) Dir. by Josh Becker

An astronaut doctor Ivan Hood and his fellow astronaut Kelly return from their mission in space to find the world has been taken over by aliens.

I noticed there aren't any SciFi original films playing on SyFy today, so I decided to touch on one of the more memorable moments in SyFy for me. I LOVE Alien Apocalypse! It is such a horribly cheesy movie, and I enjoyed every minute of it. It is filled with horrible acting, horrible special effects, an awkward story line, and Bruce Campbell. I went into this movie not expecting much, and maybe that helped, but I respected Josh Becker's attempt to keep this movie serious. It was just too ridiculous to achieve it, but it is the attempt that counts. Becker is no stranger to cheesy, but good moments on TV. He directed Stan Lee's Harpies in 2007, not to mention many episodes of Xena and Jack Of All Trades.

Bruce Campbell is awesome as usual, but in an over the top way. He is hardly believable as a Doctor or an Astronaut, haha.

I recommend at least one viewing to everyone. It is fun, and try not to take it for more than what it is, a cheesy SyFy Original Movie

Entertainment Value: 7/10 Alien Bugs
Cinematic Value: 4/10 Alien Bugs

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Rabid Fox said...

I saw this movie earlier in the year, solely because of it starring Bruce Campbell and Renee O' Connor. Such a horrible movie. Fun in spots with the one-liners and the cheesy CGI, but man oh man the rent must have been due.