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All Things Distortion- Part 2

Ok well, here are a couple of stills from Distortion.

And now, the interview from the lovely and talented Deneen Melody:

R.D. - Wow it is a big year for you! You have Slices of Life, As Night Falls, and Don’t Look In The Basement all coming out in the next year, and that is just the horror films. What is it like promoting that many films? How do you keep yourself so busy?

Deneen - Thank you, Russ! It is a great thing to be able to promote these films...I am very thankful for the opportunity to be a part of them and get the word out! With films like Anthony Sumner's "Slices of Life" and Joe Davison's "As Night Falls", I worked with a cast and crew that was extremely hard working and dedicated to the project...and it is because of them I want to make sure people hear about the films. And with something like the upcoming "Don't Look in the Basement!", which features SO many wonderful indie horror actors (such as Caroline Williams, Debbie Rochon, Raine Brown, and Alan Rowe Kelly), it is important to gain support and interest.

As for keeping busy, I find it to be a mix of networking and working your butt off. If you just sit around expecting opportunity to find you, you miss out on so much. I also absolutely love what I do, so that causes me to put a lot of time and effort in finding ways to stay busy and involved. Even if I do not have a film project going on, I keep myself going with auditions, photo shoots, or stunt classes.

R.D. - Aside from the four films IMDB has listed coming out for you, are there any other films you are currently working on, or about to be released?

Deneen - I actually have several films coming up that haven't been added to IMDB quite yet. One project is the final segment of the "Psycho Street" horror anthology, "LEWIS", directed by the talented Anthony Sumner from "Slices of Life" and the upcoming "Don't Look in the Basement!". It is a very creepy and disturbing story that also stars some amazing talent like Susan Adriensen, Jerry Murdock, and Marv Blauvelt...who also produces the anthology along with the lovely Raine Brown.

This summer, I will also be working with K.M. Jamison and All Night Pictures on the set of "The Dead Light District". K.M.'s last project, "Serial: Amoral Uprising" is extremely impressive, and to be involved in any of his projects is just an honor. He brings something very raw...very his films, so they become something more than just horror.

Aside from these films, one of my favorite projects that should be online soon is the web series, "Western X". Created by Michael Flores, this series is one I am extremely proud of. It is a supernatural western that stars some wonderful actors such as Dustin Hale, Richard Anderson, Kaily Alissano, Jerry Eselgroth, Jayson James, Anthony Tempesta, Aaron-Ginn Forsberg...and the amazing cult icon, Vernon G. Wells. (I also have to throw a shout out to the Arizona Roughriders...they have been a huge part of the series:

R.D. - You definitely have one of the most unique background stories, as a ballerina turned scream queen. What was that transition like for you? When you were younger, did you ever imagine you would be where you are today, doing what you do?

Deneen - Most people know this about me, but for those that may not know and are curious, the reason why I stopped dancing was due to a foot injury. Not being able to dance ballet any longer was completely heart breaking...but, you know, injuries happen. There really isn't any point in feeling sorry for yourself over something you cannot control.

And actually, the transition was an easy one. For awhile, I was pretty devastated, but the second I started to audition for film work, I knew it was what I really wanted to do. It helped that I was always involved in theater when I was in school, and you know...I think deep down, I always knew I would end up doing something like this. (That includes the stunts, blood, running, and screaming...hahaha.)

R.D. - Speaking of Scream Queen, how did you feel when you were first dubbed a Scream Queen? What does that mean to you?

Deneen - I felt completely honored the first time I heard myself mentioned as a Scream Queen, to be honest! Some of the actresses I look up to the most have been dubbed with that title as well. I mean, it is just awesome. There are some actresses that really don't like being known as a Scream Queen, but you know, it doesn't mean you can't do other things. It just means you are an actress that does a darn good job when it comes to getting bloody, dirty, running, and screaming. (And there ain't nothing wrong with that!)

R.D. - Aside from your work as an actress, you also find the time to do some modeling. I also hear you do some modeling for comic books. What is that work like, and how does it differ from what you do as an actress? Has there been anything you have done recently?

Deneen - For the comic books I model for (through Comic Book Divas), the characters are really just based on my likeness. The artists use photos and create the character's look and expressions based on my own. It is really very interesting and is certainly awesome to see...I mean, how many people get to see themselves as a comic book character? (Maybe I am a nerd, but it has always been a dream of mine.)

My first comic through Comic Book Divas is called "FANGS", portraying the vampire known as Raven. This comic also features two other horror actresses, Devanny Pinn as the vampire leader Lilly Le Sang and Michelle Shields as Sapphire. You may keep up with news and updates on the comic through the official website:

I will also be in a new version of the Legion Studios comic book, "Master's Devils", as the wild and kick ass Devlynn Envy. She was such a fun character to play...I am really looking forward to seeing how the comic will turn out!

As far as the difference between modeling and acting, well, for me there isn't much of a difference at all. This is because I personally prefer photo sets that are dramatic and even a little disturbing. For shoots like that, you have to use emotion and really get into the can't just sit there.

R.D. - I am one of many people highly anticipating Richard Diaz’s Distortion. I am also working on an interview with him. What was it like to work with him, and what is he like as a director? How was your experience working on the film?

Deneen - Richard is one of the most talented people I have ever met. I cannot express how much I adore him as both a filmmaker and friend! Working with him on "Distortion" was especially great...I was flattered when he asked me to be a part of it.

By the time we had met, most of the film was already completed, but there was one scene that hadn't been shot yet...and after seeing the trailer and information on the film, I couldn't turn down such an opportunity. We shot my scene in just a couple of hours...and it proved to be a race against the weather AND light. However, we were able to get it done, and it was definitely a fun scene.

I highly recommend Richard as a director. Apart from "Distortion", Richard has helped me with some audition clips, and he always knows what looks/sounds best. Also, he is a director that has a true passion for film. He isn't in it for the money or the fame...he genuinely loves movies...and I think that is what is really going to gain him success.

R.D. - Rarely do you ever see someone as beautiful as yourself willing to get dirty, yet you take classes about doing stunt work. Are you the type of person who wants to do all your own stunts?

Deneen - You better believe I love getting dirty! I also prefer to do my own stunts, unless a scene calls for something I am not experienced on the set of "As Night Falls", there was an awesome stunt driver named Frank that did the crazy driving sequences, and he was AMAZING!

I've done some pretty fun stuff in my films (lots of fight choreography, falls, and getting thrown into a fence by Debbie Rochon)...but I want to do even more. Unfortunately, my schedule gets busy and I don't always have time to go to stunt practice, so I make sure not to push myself and stay with what I know I can do. Some people do not seem to understand that stunts require safety and training. I say it a lot, but it is true...I really do admire the professionals out there. What they do requires lots of hard work and guts!

R.D. - As an actress, is there someone you look up to as inspiration for you work? Another actress maybe?

Deneen - Lori Cardille's performance from "Day of the Dead" has always been an inspiration to well as Sigourney Weaver in "Aliens". As someone that loves playing strong characters (not just in strength, but in spirit as well), I grew up wanting to be Sarah or Ripley, so both these ladies are two I have always looked up to.

Kate Winslet is another actress I strongly admire. She has played so many different characters and really knows her stuff. I hope to be able to play dramatic roles as well as her one of these days. Uma Thurman in the "Kill Bill" films is another inspiration, and I also really like Rose McGowan. I find her to be rather unique and quirky as an actress...and I like that.

R.D. - Here is a time for your shameless plug! Is there anything you want to say about what you have coming out, or what you have already done?

Deneen - Just recently, the teaser trailer for "SLICES OF LIFE" (I play the lead in the "Pink Snapper" segment) has been released. It also stars Jack Guasta, Toya Turner, Judith Lesser, Kaylee Williams, Galen Schloming, Marv Blauvelt, and Alan Rowe Kelly. Check it out on the official website:

The "AS NIGHT FALLS" (with Debbie Rochon, Dwight Cenac, Joe Davison, Lily Cardone, Grace Chapman, Michael Ellison, and Raine Brown) teaser trailer is also up on the official site:

We also have an awesome You Tube channel up with interviews and behind the scenes videos:

"MASTER'S DEVILS", the film based on the comic by Legion Studios, has a great website: (New trailer and photos coming soon, but in the meantime, a fun little teaser is up for viewing!)

"WESTERN X", the web series I have mentioned above, has a great website that everyone should check out with some great photos and wallpapers:

"THE DEADLIGHT DISTRICT" has a great website as well, and if you are a horror fan, I strongly suggest you add this to your bookmarks:

Hmmm, well, and if anyone would like to add me on certainly may! I try to keep it updated as much as possible with news on not just my projects, but other indie projects as well:

R.D. - Last but not least, what is your favorite horror film of all time?! If you had to pick one.

Deneen - Easy. George Romero's "Day of the Dead"!

Thank you very much for the interview Deneen. I know I look forward to Distortion coming out, and I'll pretty much watch anything you do. I hope these last two posts have given Distortion the boost I was hoping for. I am really excited to see this movie and I hope you are too. Richard Diaz gives hope to small filmmakers every, in that you don't have to have an extremely large budget to make quality movies. If there is any other news on Distortion in the future, I will surely be posting it. If you made it through both interviews, thank you for reading!

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Gory said...

Great interview Russ!

Deneen is absolutely amazing. She is the most passionate and driven person I know and I've known A LOT of people in this business over the years. I kid you not by how hard she works. Plus she has the talent to back it up. As much as she has made some amazing films so far she hasn't even scratched the surface for what she can do. So everyone should keep an eye out for her. She will be a force to be reckoned with. Beautiful, extremely talented, and can kick your butt ten times over. I could not be happier for her.