Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Altitude (2010) quick review

Altitude (2010) Dir. by Kaare Andrews

After a mysterious malfunction sends their small plane climbing out of control, a rookie pilot and her four teenage friends find themselves trapped in a deadly showdown with a supernatural force.

I had heard many things about this film before viewing it. Some of the were bad, some of them were good, but I still didn't know what to expect from Kaare Andrew's feature film debut. I knew that Andrews was an award winning comic book artist, and that he had done a number of short films before Altitude, but I still went in pretty blindly.

The main characters, played by Jessica Lowndes, Julianna Guill, Ryan Donowho, Landon Liboiron, and Jake Weary all did an extremely good job although their characters were very stereotypical and lacked much depth. With the exception of Jessica Lowndes as Sara, as I was extremely surprised by her performance.

Without going in to too much about the film, which could be easily ruined if I say one wrong thing, the film is messed up. I liked it though, as it played out like much of my nightmares, haha. The film itself is done really really well, and Andrews knows what he is doing behind the camera for a rookie director. It got a little ridiculous towards the end, but the action, camera shots, and overall above par CG kept me engaged. I thoroughly enjoyed Altitude, and I can't wait to see what Andrews comes up with next.

Entertainment Value: 8/10 mysterious tenticles
Cinematic Value: 8/10 mysterious tenticles

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