Monday, January 23, 2012



After seeing Attack the Block, and several other alien invasion movies this past week it only became apparent to me that I needed to do an alien invasion weekend. With the help of The Mike over at From Midnight, With Love and a few others, we look to bring the reader some Grade A (more likely Grade B) alien fun this upcoming weekend. So beginning Friday, January 27th, prepare for a heavy dosing of alien badassery!

I am also doing a poll of the best alien movies based on decade. If you are interested in participating in the poll, fill out what you think is the best alien movie of each decade, starting with the 50's (don't have to do every decade if you don't want) and forward them to my email address!

If anyone is willing to review an alien invasion movie this week end then feel free to send me the link to the review and I will post it on my final post this Sunday!


Franco Macabro said...

Looking forward to it!

R.D. Penning said...

please... do tell your friends