Friday, July 1, 2011

Short Films characters for Marvel Comics to Explore

According to a few articles I have read recently, including this one - , Marvel Studios is going to start making short films through production company, Film School Rejects, and the idea is to gauge how well audiences react to these lesser known characters before pumping big money in to them. I think that is a brilliant idea as long as they still plan to make a legitimate Dead Pool movie! Here is a lengthy list of characters I would love to see short films for. Let me know your thoughts and if you have any I missed that you would like to see.

in alphabetical order:

The Beetles (not the band)
Black Bolt
Captain Marvel
Cypher (yes I'm a nerd)
Doctor Strange
Iron Fist
King, Hannibal (Hannibal King)
Moon Knight
Silver Surfer
War Machine

Yes I am aware that some of these have already been represented on film, and yes I am aware that some of these have full feature films already in the works, but that doesn't mean that I would like to see a short film of them. That also doesn't mean that I don't think short films of these already seen characters could be great advertising to get people to come to future films.

That being said, one I left off of the list, but should definitely happen is all the wonderful heroes of Hank Pym. All I can say is that Pym better have one hell of a cameo in The Avengers movie coming out. I am almost 100% percent positive they are going to be using a storyline he was very much a large part of, and I really hope they honor that fact by putting him in there.

Tell me what you think of it all!


Ricky said...

I'd love to see Iron Fist get any sort of movie.

Geof said...

Yes Silver Surfer got a bad rap from that Fantastic Four sequel, but he should be given his own flick solely concentrating on him and his history.