Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Ok, so most of you know that I haven't really been one to advertise for anyone else. That time has officially come to and end. I have found the most badass website on the face of the planet! There are horror t-shirts gallore on this site! Not to mention other awesome ones.

Bates Motel Coffee Mug
I just recently got the zombie carebears and the overlook hotel tshirts in the mail, along with an overlook hotel keychain and big zombie survival poster.

Overlook Glass

Along with shirts there are numerous awesome items like keychains,coffee mugs, caps, and my personal favorites Winchester Tavern and Overlook Hotel glasses! Which I will soon be calling my new beer glasses.

Zombie Care Bears

This site is so unbelievable awesome, I don't think I will order my fun shirts from anywhere else. Screw the $10 t-shirt section in Walmart! This site has everything I need, but I wouldn't recommend buying your work clothes from here. Unless you have a slack job, haha. Seriously, go check this out.

Zombie Eat Flesh Tshirt

Here is the link for it.

Tshirt Bordello

and here is an extra special link to one of my favorite sites right now.


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