Friday, January 7, 2011

The First Annual Drive-In Horror Awards!

The First Annual Drive-In Horror Awards!

Welcome to the First Annual Drive-In Horror Awards!

I have been hearing all this talk recently about the Oscars, and I think it is time I help take part in giving Horror fans a chance to vote for a couple horror themed categories! 2010 wasn't a large year for mainstream Horror, but there were some films that definitely were worth mentioning. I have made some polls that you can find on the right hand side of this site, and I will be taking votes up until February 2nd on the following categories:

Best Horror Actor

Best Horror Actress

Best Horror Director

Best Horror Film

and Best Indie Horror

I really hope people take the time to give their good honest votes. I chose the films/actors/directors based on their overall performances, word of mouth, other blogger reviews, and how well a film did. The Indie Horror category is based mostly on reviews by the rest of the horror blogger universe.

The only other thing I ask is that those of you who vote are kind enough to continue spreading the word, and even posting about it on your site as well. Thank you to all who participate, and please leave feedback on this page if you want to say something. I understand that some people aren't going to like all of the nominations, and I accept everyone's opinions! Also if someone has too much time on their hands and wants to make up a coole Drive-In Horror Awards Banner so this doens't look so boring let me know. :-)

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Kid Sis said...

Thanks Russ!!

Team Commune feels tickled to be nominated for best indie horror pic. The Soskas are friends; we hosted the west coast premier of DHIAT last July at BleedFest Film Festival! And I really enjoyed Burning Bright. Thought it was clever. Dawning I'm going to see next week, but have heard wonderful things about from mutual friends and critics. And now you've introduced me to The Darkness Within, which I had somehow missed...and I <3 a good psychological thriller!

Thanks so much for spreading the word about indie movies. We all really appreciate the access to new fans you're providing us.

If anyone wants to check out The Commune, it's a 90 minute psychological thriller available to rent on Netflix, to stream on Indieflix, or to buy from me (I'll write whatever you want on the cover...I even draw penises sometimes).

-Lis Fies