Thursday, November 4, 2010

What is your favorite Holiday for themed horror movies?!! (other than Halloween)

What is your favorite Holiday for themed horror movies?!! (other than Halloween)

Halloween is the almighty holiday when it comes to horror movies, and we all know it. It has had hundreds of horror films that have taken place on that particular day, and spawned one of the greatest slasher kings in it's name, but what I want to know is what do you horror freaks do for the rest of the years. If one of you tells me you don't watch horror movies for 364 days until next Halloween, I will slap the crap out of you. Just answer these two questions for me.

1- What is your favorite Holiday for HORROR outside of Halloween?

2- What is your favorite themed HORROR movie from that Holiday?

Let the comments.... BEGIN!!!!


TheGirlWhoLovesHorror said...

Arbor Day.

What? They HAVEN'T made a horror movie about Arbor Day yet? Hmm. Somebody do it now.

Christmas is probably the next big holiday after Halloween, and Silent Night, Deadly Night is pretty bad ass.

Carol McMahon said...

xmas, of course!

silent night, bloody night and black xmas are the best. big creepy houses and lots of 70s pizzaz!

J. Astro said...

Oh yeah - Xmas for sure, even moreso than Halloween. There is no real contest. Christmas has to have just about the best & widest selection of theme titles to choose from... hell there's 5 SILENT NIGHT DEADLY NIGHTS alone... (I like all of 'em sorta...

...BUT, as a favorite, I'll go with Bob Clark's original BLACK CHRISTMAS (1974), the -real- "first slasher" that pre-dates Carpenter's Halloween... still intense to this day. I also love, and would place at a very close second, the psycho-bonkers CHRISTMAS EVIL, which is only partially a "horror" movie but nonetheless a weird & wonderful seasonal treat.

R.D. Penning said...

For everyone who likes Christmas Horror movies, got to Youtube and watch the trailer for the Finnish movie "Rare Exports"!!!! I am so frickin pumped for this movie!

Other than that, keep em comin people!

J. Astro said...

I watched that trailer and while it certainly seems horror-ish and fun, I'm kinda wondering if they're not over-selling the genre appeal of it a little and it's gonna end up maybe being just some weird, slightly dark fairy tale? Hard to say.

BTW, man, just thought I'd let ya know your old pal Astro has "moved" - new blog, new site - HERE:

Stop on by and update your blog-roll, won't ya? ;)