Monday, September 27, 2010

Something Just

Something Just - Directed by Scott W. Perry

I just got to see a short film called Something Just, and it was simply amazing.

Here is the link to watch it, and I recommend everyone go see it.

In order to stop a child killer, the guardian of one of his victims seeks the aid of a shady figure from his past. Starring Alan Rowe Kelly, Jerry Murdock, Evan Robert Smith, Joslyn Jensen, and Joseph Zaso. Written, Produced, and Directed by Scott W. Perry. Cinematographer and Editor Dominick Sivilli. Co-Producer Jeremiah Kipp. Original Score and Sound Mix Tom Burns. Shot in 1080p High Definition. Courtesy of Slick Devil Entertainment.

Alan Rowe Kelly is one of the most versitle actors out there and he one again shines in this role. The always amazing Jerry Murdock keeps the film on a ground level and acts as the glue that pieces this story together. Great low budget special effects, great acting, and a story that everyone can relate to make this a great must see short film.

Entertainment Value: 9/10 Bare Feet
Cinematic Value: 7/10 Bare Feet

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