Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Four friends of mine recently began a collaboration of badassery in blogging, and everyone I know needs to follow them, and tell them how awesome their blogpage is! The title for the blog is (Optimus)Prime and Prejudice. It stems from Narcosleepy's love for everything Transformers, and his wife (The H-Bomb)'s love for Jane Austen books/movies. These guys/girl are all awesome writers, and too smart for me sometimes, but they are great none-the-less. I know most of you are used to sticking with your hardcore horror movie review sites, but I assure you this one is worth your while. There is plenty of range in topics: Movies/Books/Video Games/Cookies/and plenty of hilarious randomness. So please take the time to stop by and welcome to the blog world! Oh and the awesome guy you know as The Mike from the blog From Midnight, With Love is one of the writers. I think you will enjoy it. So click the link NOW!

I know you will thank me.
R.D. Penning

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Trick or Treat Pete said...

Jane Austen...more than meets the eye!
Thanks for sharing the link to this blog, loved it and am now a follower!
Dreaded Dreams
Petunia Scareum