Tuesday, June 22, 2010

If You Had One Horror Genre Related Wish What Would It Be?

Brandon Sites of Big Daddy Horror Reviews ( http://www.bigdaddyhorrorreviews.com/2010/06/if-you-had-one-genre-related-wish-what_22.html ) asked me to take part in his blog with this intruging question in his series of summer time articles. It got me thinking as to what I really truly want to do career wise and I responded with my desire to be a filmmaker in the genre while balancing out my duties as a father and husband. To check out my complete thoughts on this, use the following link above.

Big Daddy Horror Reviews: If You Had One Genre Related Wish, What Would It Be - Part 9: To Be Able T

If I had one horror genre related wish, it would be to write/direct my own feature length horror film. I have a few scripts, but nothing ever happens with them. It would be like a dream come true to have that happen. If it did happen, it would be another wish to work with some of my heroes, like John Carpenter or Wes Craven. Just the chance to meet many horror filmmakers would be amazing, no matter how big or how small. I wouldn't even mind seeing what other people could do with scripts I write.

It's easy to be a filmmaker, but it's hard to be good enough at it to make money.It would be a great chance to show people what I am capable of doing, and showcase my work. I guess when it comes down to it, my wish is monetary. If I had the right amount of money, I could make whatever movie I wanted. Hell, I need money for the short film I want to do in September. I'm thinking about getting together the world's largest bake sale, haha. No Pot Brownies!

I know my wish is probably the same as a lot of people, but I have worked really hard my whole life to make my wish come true. I know being a husband, and a father, changes things for me. I want to make films in Iowa where I live, and people keep screwing that up for Iowans. Eventually I would like to get paid to do what I love to do. Is that so much to ask? It will probably always be my horror genre related wish though.

On a side note, my second greatest Horror-ish related wish is for Uwe Boll to stop making movies and Adam Green to make more.

Thanks again to Big Daddy Horror Reviews for giving me this opportunity! I look forward to reading more posts on this subject, and more badass reviews from you!

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