Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Devil's Tomb (2009) B-movie with an A-list cast

The Devil's Tomb (2009) Dir. by Jason Connery- Son of Sean Connery

An elite group of soldiers on a covert mission to retrieve a scientist from an underground lab encounter an ancient evil in the facility.

I love big budget movies that look like they were filmed for the SyFy channel! Jason Connery has been doing acting since he was cast as Robert of Huntingdon in the TV series "Robin of Sherwood." The Devil's Tomb is his directorial debut, and it delivers on a very entertaining level. I went into it with very low expectations, and the cheesy and wonderful cast helped this movie win me over. The cast goes as follows: Cuba Gooding Jr. (Jerry Maguire, Chill Factor), Taryn Manning (Kill Theory, The Breed), Valerie Cruz ("Dexter", Cellular), Franky G (Saw II, Saw II), Zack Ward (Resident Evil: Apocalypse, Postal), Henry Rollins ( Wrong Turn 2, Feast), Jason London (Killer Movie, Out Cold), Stephanie Jacobsen (Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles), Bill Moseley (The Night of the Living Dead 1990, Dead Air), Ray Winstone (Indiana Jones 4, Sweeney Todd), and Ron Frickin Perlman ( Hellboy, The Last Supper, and a billion awesome movies). The cast on this movie as amazing, and how the hell did this movie go straight to DVD? The highlights of the cast were definitely the performances by Henry Rollins, and Ron Perlman, but after a shit storm of bad kids comedies from Cuba, I was so glad to see him redeem himself. He used to be my favorite actor, and now he has faltered. I hope he continues to climb back up doing good movies like this one.

Sean Connery never really tackled the realm of horror, so who knows where his son got his talents, but with Pandemic that followed this movie, and with the upcoming alien horror 51, I think he is definitely trying to assert himself as a horror director. Jason does a wonderful job of keeping this movie borderline genres. He never fully commits to any genre, and in return we are given a movie that is semi-hard to predict at times, until the end that is. The religious overtones are overwhelming at times, but are behind the scenes, when zombie like demons with boils all over them are tearing people apart. The movie is not shy on gore by any means. I wouldn't call it Cabin Fever, but at one point you get to see a person's open back, with all skin and muscle removed from the spinal area. The movie movies at a quick pace, and it feels like a very short movie, and it is only 90 minutes long. They tackle a lot during the story and it moves fast because of it. There are a few subplots that could have left out, but they all tied in with hallucinations, and Cuba's back story. For a first time director, Connery does an amazing job, and I look forward to seeing his future work.

This movie isn't without flaws, as it follows a cheesy heaven/hell war on earth plot that was wore out during the Prophecy era, but it manages to do a hell of a lot better than Legion did. The acting isn't the greatest all around, but it never really takes away from the movie as a whole. It is always nice to see filmmakers willing to stay away from CG special effects, and stick with the cheesy real stuff though. It was a really fun movie, and I recommend at least one viewing for everyone.

Entertainment Value: 7/10 Boil Busting Head shots
Cinematic Value: 6/10 Boil Busting Head shots


The Captain said...

Sounds fun, I'm going to try and check this out. Thanks

Anonymous said...

That Movie the Devil's Tomb was even an embarassment to the Devil!! What a total Piece of shit!!! Were you smoking crack???? Your taste in Horror Movies is inconsistent at best.
Good try NimNutz. Put this one in the
Bargain Bin for CrackHeads section.